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The Kingfisher Podcast Series

Identity and Belonging

In this podcast, we’ll show you the top ways in which you can create local connections and deeper emotional resonances with your target consumers and how your brand can keep up with local trends as well as create new ones!

Talking Head: Harsha Balasubramanian

Kingfisher Cultural Anthropologist

Identity and Belonging


An Anthropological Lens

Cultural Anthropology stresses the importance of becoming immersed in consumers’ lives and contexts and takes into consideration consumers' lived experience of reality. 

In this podcast, we discuss how powerful marketing relies on a deep understanding of consumer identity and belonging.

We explore notions of tribes, symbols, and community and showcase examples from the world of branding, sure to inspire!

Harsha Balasubramanian - Kingfisher Consultancy Cultural Anthropologist

Talking Head: Harsha Balasubramanian Cultural Anthropologist

We put our very own Cultural Anthropologist Harsha Balasubramanian in the hot seat to shed light on the subject of Identity and Belonging. We ask her the key to creating resonant brand connections and what this means for marketeers and brand managers today. Why is this important? Because as she says,“In light of increasing globalisation and cross-cultural ‘blurring of lines’, brands have to work harder than ever to find new, unique and authentic ways to connect with their consumers.” 


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Recommended Reading...

'Addressing Modernity: Social Systems Theory and U.S. Cultures' edited by Bergthaller and Schinko

Toward an Ethnography of the National Economy by H. Appel

Modalities of inclusion and exclusion by Niklas Luhmann 

'Gender, Race and Religion: Intersections and Challenges' edited by Bulmer and Solomos

Journal of Cultural Economy, Volume 1, 2008 - Issue 2, “Branding and Belonging: Globalised Goods and National Identity” by John Sinclair

'Plurality, social boundaries, and the politics of the self' by Pfaff-Czarnecka

The Kingfisher Podcast Series

The Power of Storytelling

In this podcast, we explore what makes certain stories so powerful and how brands and organisations can leverage storytelling in their communications to better empower their audiences and create deeper engagements. 

Talking Head: Dr Nick Gadsby

Head of Semiotics at Kingfisher Consultancy

The Power of Storytelling


The Power of Storytelling

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...In this podcast, we explore how humans derive meaning through interpreting cause and effect. We discuss how social values and beliefs are core to powerful storytelling and why through identification, generations define themselves by certain stories. We discuss emergent story codes and bring examples from the world of advertising, TV and film. Whether you're into long form novels, episodic Netflix series, Disney fairy tales, BBC screen plays, clever advertising, Twitter or Instagram...We share the top tips for all who want to inspire, empower and engage. 


Talking Head: Dr Nick Gadsby

We put our very own Head of Semiotics Dr Nick Gadsby in the hot seat to shed light on the power of storytelling. We ask him the key to creating powerful stories, what this means for marketeers today and how the role of the narrator has evolved and what the future might bring in terms of new ways to tell powerful stories. Why is this important? Because as he says,“storytelling is the root of human communication and sociality. Stories are at the heart of what make us human.” 

The Kingfisher Podcast Series

The Future of Healthcare

Interested in fast emerging trends and technologies across the globe in the world of healthcare? We look at the movers and shakers in industry who are rising to the challenge of fast-changing landscapes and how the future of healthcare is no longer about remedy but about proactive collaboration. 

The Future of Healthcare


The Future of Healthcare

In this podcast, our Senior Brand Strategist Lizzie Jones shares some of the latest healthcare trends and technologies that are catching our attention. We look at the pioneers who are rising to the demands of the modern consumers' needs and explore how consumers today are already becoming the controllers and curators of tomorrow who demand more than remedy at the click of a button. We learn why they seek proactive care solutions that deliver prevention, give tailored advice and offer space for collaboration and dialogue. 


Talking Head: Jules Goldberg

We put young entrepreneur and SnoreLab creator and founder Jules Goldberg in the hot seat and quiz him about how he sees the future of healthcare. From the perspective of someone who has outmanoeuvred many a large organisation with his intuitive and impactful offering, Jules sheds light on what big brands should be thinking about to truly be agile and meet consumers' fast-evolving needs.   


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