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Why Kingfisher?

Kingfisher is an award winning global brand consultancy who deliver powerful insights, design and strategy

Our Vision

At Kingfisher, our vision is clear: to produce consistently high quality outputs based upon reliable, trustworthy and robust insight. 

Our Values


We are devoted to our clients and guarantee the highest quality of service in all that we do.


We look deeper and closer at the data to provide our clients with meaningful solutions and recommendations.


We are true to the research learning and always provide honest and reliable answers to our clients' questions.


We pride ourselves on our diligent methodology design, the calibre of our thinking and the quality of our recommendations. 


Always conscious of others, we are passionate about meaningful engagement with people and respectful of all cultures. We believe in collaboration, inclusivity and connection.


what we do

we help you engage and connect

Tapping into the subconscious drivers behind consumer behaviour

According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95 percent of our  decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. So how do organisations reach the subconscious?

Consumer research shows us that what consumers actually believe or think (as measured by unconscious physical reactions) more often than not contradicts what they say when asked directly. That's why we believe it's critical to explore and evaluate the implicit and emotional drivers behind explicit behavioural response. Going beyond simply system 1 and system 2 thinking.

Probing the unconscious mind of the consumer has tremendous value and can unlock opportunies for brands to better engage, resonate and connect with their target audience. 

At Kingfisher, we take a diligent and smart approach to getting under the skin of consumer behaviour. We tackle big and small challenges alike, informing ways in to behaviour change helping brands shift entrenched attitudes and enable new positive habits. 

We ensure our approach to qualitative and quantitative research is enriched by using various techniques from clinical psychology, ethnography, anthropology, consumer psychology, semiotics, neuroscience and sociology. 

We do this to get you to richer insights that not only tell truths about your audience but illuminate ways forward for your brand.

we go the extra mile

It takes energy to create new ideas

Whether your brand challenge is to develop a new product to change consumer behaviour for the better, or perhaps you want to innovate on existing ideas to outperform your past year's results, Kingfisher is the partner for you. 

We bring energy, focus and momentum to any insight to innovation project. With extensive experience working with global brands across multiple markets and in multiple categories, Kingfisher brings drive, dynamism, forward thinking and agility to help you build on your foundations and reach your vision.

We don't do half baked

Whether you want to get to 'green lights' at quant or you want your brand to outperform the monolithic competitor, or you want to make waves in a new category, we know how important it is to base decisions for your brand on solid data informed by an holistic picture drawn from all sides. That's why we work with you to engage your stakeholders, your target audience and your wider cross-functional team and we do this via our unique process of ideation, co creation and concept optimisation. It's thorough, inclusive, exciting and it works.

Collaborative thinking is key

Kingfisher facilitate ideation workshops, co-creation sessions with consumers and stakeholders, depth interviews, in home ethnos, focus groups, online communities, surveys and expert depths all in the name of getting to sharper ideas for our clients. 

Once the winning ideas are reached, we don't stop there. We often work directly with a brand's preferred creatives, their R&D or medical marketing teams or at POS with local designers or architects, so that your winning ideas are consistently met and your vision is not diluted or lost as the brand evolves. 

Most importantly, we ensure that the brand's vision for winning innovation is realised at all touch points for your target consumers.

some of our In House Specialisms

Insight to Innovation


The journey to new product design needn't be precarious. 

Kingfisher Consultancy is a trusted strategic partner to some of the world's biggest brands taking the risk out of insight to innovation work. 

We help clients identify clear ways forward based upon robust qualitative and quantitative research and commercially viable brand planning, to ensure best in class delivery every step of the way.

Communication Development


Whether it's to help you develop compelling ideas, identify motivating messaging, or sharpen your storytelling, we can help. 

With extensive experience in marketing strategy and communication testing, we deliver clear directions for brands and organisations looking to stand out.

We develop, guide and improve communications; be it on pack, on brand, in media,  online, or at point of sale.



Semiotics answers the big questions in research like WHY and HOW. Why do consumers perceive your brand, product, or cause the way they do?  How can you change the way they perceive your offering? 

We believe that organisations with cultural traction transcend the expected to inform, inhabit and shape their surrounding cultural context.

Commercial semiotics helps identify ways to harness signified meaning and shape the experiences that enrich people’s lives.

Group & Depth Moderation


Kingfisher Consultancy provides clients with the highest quality moderators no matter the market, sector or brand challenge. 

All of our moderators have advanced qualifications from the Market Research Society and sector specific expertise to meet your needs.

 Our research guides are designed with your key objectives as well as the respondents participation in mind. We are experts in reducing cognitive bias in qualitative research for truly reliable research results.

Workshop Facilitation


With acclaimed expertise in facilitating inspiring, immersive and dynamic workshops across the globe for some of the world's biggest brands and organisations.

We have extensive experience in running tailored workshops for the purposes of consumer co-creative ideation, stakeholder concept and creative platform development, cultural trends exploration,  target audience insight immersion, brand purpose development, new category development, campaign and claims optimisation, brand re-positioning, category disruption and insight to innovation new product design.

Immersive Consumer Safaris


Walking in the shoes of your consumer is about sensing their world as if seeing through their eyes and feeling what they feel.

Kingfisher Consultancy provides clients with powerful immersive experiences that illuminate your consumers' lives, their habits and their tensions. 

Inclusive, fascinating and always inspiring for all of your participants. 

Behaviour Change


We conduct behaviour change studies that result in actionable ideas to help people do the right thing. 

Using innovative research methods to understand people's everyday lives, we focus on the study and application of motivation. For example enabling people to conserve their home energy usage, or make healthier choices, live more sustainably, or for children to stay safe outdoors. 

Our approach is always tailored to the core challenge, audience type , culture and economic, social and cognitive barriers to overcome. We identify the determinants of attitudes, misconceptions, habits and behaviours and produce behaviour-change initiatives and interventions that empower new ways of thinking and doing. 

Quantitative Testing


Get insightful survey results, fast. 

Kingfisher's Quant team offer fast paced survey design, quick set up, easy-online configuration and fast turnaround market testing at cost-effective prices. We ensure that survey design and output data is of the highest quality, producing reliable and useful results.  

Our local market  researchers and translators can also work closely with you and your team to ensure  translations are correct and culturally in tune. Guaranteed robust results, for confidential, prompt and informative answers.

Mystery Shopping


If you want to measure the quality of your organisation's service whilst empowering your staff, or you'd like to illuminate touch points on your customers' journey in store, on site, online or via telephone, our specialist mystery shopper team at Kingfisher can help gather the rich, insightful and textured information you need about your environments, products and services and that of your competitors. Outputs include customer journey maps, tailored environment assessments, benchmarking, key insights and improvement recommendations and action planning coaching and tailored change management staff training. Our mystery shoppers are trained in-house to MRS Advanced Qualitative Research standards and work closely with our in house change management and behavioural change consultants and customer service coaches. Uniquely, our mystery shopping approach is empowering and rewarding for all involved, targeted and tailored to your specific needs and metrics and positively transformational for your organisation.

Inspiring Films


Bringing to life human lives, habits, tensions, attitudes and behaviours can help unlock a deeper understanding of your audience's needs. Kingfisher helps clients see  human truths by creating visual and dynamic presentations  such as via vox pops, shorts and documentaries that inspire, provoke and tell compelling stories. 

A fast paced edit is often required to cover a spectrum of footage sources, woven together with the right tonality to produce an illuminating and informative story in film that excites and engages your audience and stakeholders. Scripted, edited and produced to the finish you need, our specialist film makers work closely with you from brief to delivery to ensure your story comes alive in the most compelling, uplifting and powerful way. 



Fast, accurate audio or video to text.

With extensive experience in Audio and Video Transcriptions, time coding and subtitling, our Kingfisher Transcribers offer highest quality transcripts into English.

Specialising in academic, business, pharmaceutical, healthcare and research interview/group/workshop transcription. 
Tailored quotes available upon request. Accuracy and confidentiality guaranteed.

Copy Writing


Kingfisher's Copy Writers are highly skilled at crafting copy for marketing purposes.  Able to provide you with powerful comms (be it script, concept, prose, article or review) for advertising, direct mail, PR, radio, TV or online purposes.

With extensive experience in concept development, product reviews, SEO and comms design, we will have the team for you. 

Guaranteed fast delivery. Confidentiality assured. 

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