Crystal Evans - Founder of Kingfisher

CEO of Kingfisher with 19 years experience in research, marketing and brand strategy.  Crystal has been fortunate to work internationally since 2001. Key markets of focus in the last decade have included North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Western and Southern Africa, Eastern and Western Europe. 

During her research and strategy work in these varied markets, Crystal has helped drive profitable growth through award winning comms campaigns, web and service optimisation, breakthrough innovation and NPD work streams and effective brand strategy for a wide variety of global brands across FMCG, Consumer Tech, Media, Travel, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Pharma. 

She is insatiably curious about culture and loves bringing human stories to life in meaningful ways that inspire smarter business thinking.

Academically, following her BA Hons in English Literature from the University of London, Crystal gained post graduate qualifications in Advanced Qualitative Research, Behavioural Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Digital Ethnography, Neuroeconomics, Semiotics, ‘The Iterative Innovation Process’ from MIT, and most recently, ‘Behavioural Economics in Action’ from Harvard University.

Building on this grounding, Crystal has market insight and brand strategy experience from working in the marketing industry both agency and client-side, including directorship posts at both WPP and Omnicom. 

She has been fortunate to work as a strategic partner to a number of global blue chip companies over recent years including but not exclusively GSK, Danone, L'Oréal, Diageo, PepsiCo, Tata Global Beverages, United Biscuits, Spotify, Mars, JnJ, Heineken, Walmart, BBC and General Mills.


Crystal is passionate about actionable brand strategy, fast-paced innovation and powerful local market insight.

With Kingfisher Consultancy you have access to a global team

"Kingfisher Consultancy is made up of a large network of talented people, spanning the globe who all value the importance of delivering insightful thinking and high quality, impactful outputs for all our clients. 

We have incredible qual and quant researchers, semioticians, cultural anthropologists, behavioural science specialists, workshop facilitators, video ethnographers, film creators, copy writers, creative strategists, brand planners, marketeers, and designers.   

…And supporting all of this formidable in-house expertise is our fantastic Global Operations and Logistics Team who help us run your show smoothly. They cover participant recruitment and project coordination as well as venue hire,  translation,  transcription and culturally sensitive localisation of all stimuli, no matter the market.  

As you can see, we’re all here and happy to help!"  

Crystal Evans, CEO


Dedicated to our clients

We have a global team of insight and strategy specialists

Whether it's a quick turnaround project or a longitudinal process spanning multiple markets, we have experienced specialists on hand in local markets to meet your needs. 

We can promise this because we have a huge network of fantastic people working for us around the world (and we like to call them our ‘Kingfisher Team Players’). 

Each of our Kingfisher Team Players has a unique skill set and area of expertise.

Across the various insight and strategy disciplines represented by the Kingfisher Team Player Network, we can provide you with:

·  Local and Global Brand Strategists

·  Product Innovation Specialists

·  Local Market Qualitative and Quantitative Researchers

·  Cultural and Socio-Anthropologists and Ethnographers

·  Consumer Psychologists and Behavioural Scientists

·  Trends, Futurology and Forecasting Specialists

·  Commercial Semioticians

·  Marketers, PR and Communication Specialists

·  Management Consultants and Organisational Change Specialists

·  CRM Strategists

·  Digital Engagement Consultants and UX Testers

·  Designers, Visualisers, Illustrators and Creative Strategists

·  Film Producers and Video Editors

·  Audio and Video Transcribers and Local Note-Takers

·  Local Translators and Copy Writers

·  Global and Local Project Managers and Recruiters

We are all devoted to our clients and guarantee the highest quality of service in all that we do. In fact, our company motto is 'Happy to help'!

Happy to help!

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